PDA - Outplacement and Career Counselling

Welcome to Peter Dewar Associates

A private Career Counselling, Outplacement and Advisory Service
to assist those wishing to assess their current career prospects and,
if appropriate, to maximise their chances of obtaining the right job.

Our Counsellors have trained and worked with Sanders and Sidney,
now part of Penna Consulting, a leading company in the career
consultancy field. Between them they have had many years
management and personnel experience in commerce, industry and
the professions, and in pooling their experience, are thus in a unique
position to help those who are at a critical point in their careers.

Working with you to provide the presentational skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to achieve the best possible start to your individual job search campaign. Thereafter, to monitor, advise and support you in your campaign to find yourself the right job.

There are five elements to the ALL CHANGE Programme, which is described in our ALL CHANGE section. The Programme, which is tailored to the individual’s needs, consists of not less than 20 hours of individual one-to one consultation in elements 2 to 6, and is normally spread over two or three weeks and. This is augmented by six weeks of continuing support, which can be extended by arrangement.

Please refer to the All Change brochure for further details and do not hesitate to contact Peter Dewar to arrange an initial complimentary discussion.

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