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Welcome to Peter Dewar Associates

Peter Dewar has lectured widely in the UK, Europe, Australia
and America (including to The Smithsonian in Washington
DC re The Treasure Houses of Britain) and some of the
organisations to which he has lectured are listed in the
Lecture Brochure as also are his current repertoire of lectures.

Peter Dewar has been an approved lecturer to NADFAS
(National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies)
since 1998 and since then must have given nearly 500
lectures at home and abroad (including America, Africa and Europe).

The broad heading of Lecturing also embraces Broadcasting and Filming.

This has largely been in connection with radio and television interviews and historical programmes relating to the various publications. These are listed separately, but include In Search
of Lost Royals ITV- Granada and ‘So You Think You're Royal’ Sky TV and Shine Ltd).

This has included a number of roles as a Supporting Artiste or Film Extra (for details see list) and as a Research Consultant. See page 33 of Casting Collective directory.

For further details of our research service, please refer firstly to our Lecture brochure, before contacting us direct.

Peter Beauclerk Dewar

22 Faroe Road
London W14 0EP
Telephone & Facsimile
00 44 (0) 20 7610 4163

website: peterdewar.com
e-mail: pbd@peterdewar.com


Lecture Brochure
List of broadcasting & film work


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